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Newport Beach
Andrea Bill, 1600GT Master
With over 20 years command experience Capt. Andrea has put thousands of miles under the keel as a delivery, charter, commercial and private vessel captain. She holds a 1600 ton Oceans Master license with endorsements, a Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Emergency First Responder Instructor and EMP Medic First Aid Instructor qualifications. In various command positions Andrea has trained both owners and professional crew alike in all aspects of large vessel operations, lifesaving and safety procedures. As an instructor for the BASIC CRUISING, COASTAL CRUISING AND NIGHT OPERATIONS courses, Andrea brings her real-world experience onboard any vessel; offering students a wealth of knowledge and lessons-learned based on hands-on experience.

Jackson Willett, 200GT Master

With over 20 years of power and sail experience, a 200ton Master Mariner License with endorsements and US Powerboating and Sailing instructor certifications, Jackson takes pride in offering pragmatic, real-world, hands-on training with his students. A native of New York City and long-term year resident of Southern California Jackson has logged thousands of power and sail hours cruising and racing in the U.S. and Mexico. A love for the sport of boating, and helping others to enjoy the marine-based lifestyle, led Jackson to create Newport Coast Maritime Academy. As a certifying instructor for the BASIC CRUISING, COASTAL CRUISING, NIGHT OPERATIONS & BASIC KEELBOAT courses Jackson’s goal is to empower every student with the knowledge and skills to become a confident, competent and qualified vessel operator.

James Baldwin, 100GT Master

After starting his career in the Navy, at the helm of the carrier USS George Washington, Capt. James has continued his maritime career as an offshore tow captain, marine technician, fleet operations manager and commercial charter captain. With nearly 15 years of blue water experience James holds a 100 ton Master Mariner license with endorsements, and STCW certificate. As an instructor for the BASIC CRUISING, COASTAL CRUISING AND NIGHT OPERATIONS courses, James’ experience as a tow captain rescuing boaters in distress, enables him to offer students a first responder’s insight into how quickly things can go wrong and teach the preventative procedures and critical decision-making skills that can save lives during an emergency at sea.

Los Angeles

Chris Kehrli, 100GT Master

Capt. Chris Kehrli is a certified US Powerboating instructor with over 27,000+ miles logged and a lifetime of experience transiting both the Eastern and Western US seaboards. He holds a 100Ton Master Near Coastal license and a US Powerboat Instructor certification. Drawing from his extensive command experience, Capt. Chris specializes in heavy weather, night operations and coastal navigation training. An avid waterman Capt. Chris enjoys sharing his knowledge and love of the sea with his students. As a certifying instructor for the BASIC, CRUISING, COASTAL CRUISING AND NIGHT OPERATIONS courses, Capt. Chris blends his passion of the sport with an outgoing, hands-on, and pragmatic approach to training.

San Diego
Elizabeth Andrews, 1600GT Master
A native of North Carolina, Capt. Elizabeth holds among other certifications, a USCG 1600 Ton license, RYA/MCA Yachtmaster 200 Ton license and is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer. Having recently relocated from the East Coast, Capt. Elizabeth brings thousands of miles of command experience to the NCMA training team to teach the BASIC CRUISING, COASTAL CRUISING AND NIGHT OPERATIONS courses. As a Certified National Safe Boating Council instructor and RYA 200 Ton Yachtmaster instructor, Capt. Elizabeth is both an experienced command skipper and professional training instructor.  Her extensive offshore experience on both coasts of the United States offers students an invaluable source of knowledge for transcoastal and Caribbean cruise planning.
Nathan Blomstrand, 100GT Master
A lifelong mariner, Captain Nathan began his career in Seattle, cruising the waters of the Pacific Northwest. He spent six years in the U.S. Navy as a Special Boat Operator, and later returned to Seattle to become Harbormaster for the City of Kirkland public marinas. Now residing in San Diego, Captain Nathan is a highly respected commercial charter captain, and private yacht master. He holds several endorsements and has been certified by the US Coast Guard to teach the 100ton Master course. As an instructor for the BASIC CRUISING, COASTAL CRUISING AND NIGHT OPERATIONS courses, Nathan’s proven experience in a command role, competence on a variety of vessel platforms, and exemplary instructor experience enables him to instill competence and confidence with any new boater.


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